Austro Control MapStore has evolved!

And we would like to share the news with you ...

You can access our online charts on now!

You can now search for aeronautical features by entering their name in the search bar on the top right corner.

The info box on the right side offers a direct link to the relevant AIP chapter for objects selected in the map.

New data has been added! IFR procedures for uncontrolled aerodromes (incl. COPTER procedures), MET Stations and GAFOR routes are available now.

Aeronautical Coordinates can be additionally displayed for example in the search bar or the info box.

In order to display data of neighbouring states, make the data layer for our Aeronautical Chart - ICAO 1:500 000 visible.

Mapstore Quick Guide gives a quick overview on how to use all functions of charts provided in MapStore. It is available in English as well as in German (Deutsch).

ACG SDI Disclaimer

The use of online charts and data in ACG SDI is an additional service by Austro Control and does not relieve pilots from their obligation of pre-flight planning. In particular, use of online charts and data in ACG SDI does not relieve the pilot from the responsibility to observe the current edition of the AIP Austria, AIP Supplements, NOTAM and AICs. It shall be used for informational purposes only in addition to the official aeronautical publications.

The online charts and data were created carefully and to the best of our knowledge. However, Austro Control assumes no liability for the pervious, current or future correctness and completeness charts and data, that are not published in the AIP Austria or in the form of AIP Supplements.

Commercial use of the online chart shown here and/or data contained therein is only allowed with authorization from Austro Control.